Because what's a good blog without a couple of homies to email?

FBi Radio

FBi is the best little radio station in town... the country... maybe even the whole damn world.

I'm a little biased, but truly chuffed to play a small role in the workings of this vital cultural organ as a (former) presenter on Sydney music show The Bridge.

Sound Doctrine

Sound Doctrine do a bang-up job of posting new Australian music and describing it with words that don't a) numb brains or b) quote press releases.

It's an approach much appreciated by this blog and we're also mates in real life.

The Hype Machine

The Hype Machine is a funny beast, having sprung up in the mid 2000's as some kind of aggregator for a funny new breed of websites that posted about music.

As a key instrument in our raison d'etre of pushing new Sydney music to far-flung corners of the internet, we're pretty chuffed to be featured.

Vice Blogging Network

Vice put us in their blogging network which isn't quite as exciting as the stuff they normally cover but we thank them anyway.

Thanks Vice.