Friday, 6 June 2014

Fishing - Shy Glow (Album)

Lets go back in time for a minute. Not too far - just like a week or so - but if you do remember the good old days but also remember not buying a copy of the debut LP from neighbourhood sadboyz FISHING then do yourself a favour, friend.

For serious though, Shy Glow feels like an hour of fun and meditation somehow rolled up and packaged together.

Bonus fact: real nice guys!

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Lancelot - Aint' Nothin' Goin' on But the Rent ft. Ngaiire

Two of Sydney's brightest sparks, Lancelot and Ngaiire, take it to the UK with a brassy, housey, somethingy cover of Gwen Guthrie's controversial 80's hit Aint' Nothin' Goin' on But The Rent.

Original B-side Truth is well worth checking out, too. Cop the full EP now on Anjunadeep.

Buy/Download: J.O.B EP (Beatport)

Monday, 24 February 2014

Hubert Clarke Jr. - Heart/Mind

We met Hubert a while ago through a really interesting, involving and intriguingly unpolished EP that just came with some really good feels. Vibes, if you will. Anyways Hubie's back with a brand new tune and it is of both polish and vibe.

I'm sure it's all in the bongos, but why not decide for yourself? Tune in, tune out and so forth.

Free Download: Heart/Mind (Hand Games, Bandcamp)

Feral Media - Summer EP

Feral Media continue their excellent run of project-based work with the Summer EP (third in a seasonal series). Bon Chat, Bon Rat do an INXS cover (so hot right now) and Melbourne guru The Townhouses plays a typically deft hand only for Friendships to come and drop an incendiary bass bomb on our unsuspecting ears. Nice.

Finally, old mate Tim Fitz brings things home with an introspective, observant ode to being caught out late at night (in Byron, from the sounds of things).